Zoxepis wholesale reviews Legit or scam?

Zoxepis wholesale reviews

Zoxepis is new  online store that sell alot of products shoes , clothes and much more However we have found some information about this website that the site scam alot of people out there the our algorithm give this website very low trust score 5/100 the poor score meaning the website is not legit website .

The website have know in some other name ,Zoxepis wholesale  there product are in very high discount rate its what scammers do after we research we found a lot of negative review about this website witch is red flag most of the site design and content are stolen from other website and the website is also not secure the company address and email address are fake so you can’t get n touch once the scam you .

After we researched we found bad reviews in Trustpilot and other known websites. You can also find a lot of complaints about this website. We do not recommend shopping from this website. If you know anything about this website, you can comment to help more people about this website .

The well never ever send you the product you pay if in case if the send you something it must be cheap item not what you paid for so our advice is that don’t invest your money on this thing that dose not  have any value 

In the below table you can see the site disadvantage and location and more information about the site .


  • ssl found


  • 0% tust score
  • scam website
  • copied content
  • 0 index score
  • paypal method not found
  • fake adress
  • fake email
  • low sore in trustpilot

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