Review Is It Legit or Scam?

Welcome to new blog post if you trying to find more information about is this website real or scam so you are in right place so lets review this website .

Its online shop that sells clothes and more items like that are in very low price .


This is another scam website that trying to scam you by providing discount and items in very low price this type of website easily scam there clints and then the will coles there contact information and website so you will never get your money back once you enter you credit or bank information to this website the will save you credit card information and use it without your permission .

Website like is very hard or difficult  to detect if it scam or legitimate website because the will deliver good server or product or me be discount to you the will never send your product you paid for it if the send you it will be very cheap product that you will never used it or you will received another item not the item you pay for it the setup social media account its another type of scam so next time you want buy something never trust on social media ads like facebook ads some of this website are not real the domain of this website is newly registered in 2022  wich is to new .

Alot of image and content of this website is stolen or copid from other website wich is red flag .


Thanks for reading review please  share you experience about this website on our site comment section .



  • ssl found


  • not policy section.
  • contact form not working
  • not great selle
  • the site is scame
  • duplicate content

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