Review shop Legit or scam?


You want find out review vofey is online shop that selling a lot of good products for females including clottings shirts tops all type of sets shos and much more we will answering your some questions like is the vofey is legit fake or scam website what are the location of this website who is the owner of this website and about quality of this products.

Is is legit ?

After we done our research this website is not legit website if a website is legit and not fake the must show some transparency  like information about there owner and there data this website hide there identity and not sharing anything about the website if the scam someone the well never find out who there are and where the goon because simple the will delete the domain and website.

First of all the will never send you the product if the send it well be very cheap product or not the item you paid for you keep your money safe and don’t waste your time in items that are not legit and scam .


We don not recommend to use or shop something from this site if you scammed by any of this website or another one you can contact mychargeback the will help you to recover you own money if its lost .

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