Review Is It Legit or Scam?

Welcome readers to my new blog post in this article we are reviewing website. Is it legit or scam website? Before buying or trading in this website make sure to check if it’s a scam or legit so let’s get started .

Thelionmarket website is mysterious website its dose not registered in any country the offer trading service our advice is that stay away from  such website that dose not have valid license so stay away  from such scam  website .

After we reach we found a lot of negative review about this website this is another unregulated forex broke once you put your money on their website the well stole you card information and your money you well goon and you will never get them back the well block your from their platform or me be delete there website and phone numbers .

Most of this website run ads on facebook and then some people fall in their scam the offer good deals like the will double your money in some days that sound too good  never fall in there scam .

Moreover the withdrawal amount of $100 and the well charge you around 5% in sum off all amount the website we dont recommend to use this website .

If you like our short review make sure to comment your experience feel free to contact us if you need something .


The Lion Market is based in Belgium according to their physical address after our research we found that there address is not legit its fake address 

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