Review Obgfx is safe or Scam

Today we will talk about website if its scam or not there is alot of negative reviews about this website its red flag about this website the website is listed as scam website in a lot of trusted website there is a lot of people scammed by this website stay away from such scam sites .

website urlObgfx .cc,Obgfx .com
contact infonot found
whoisnot found
trust score0%
website contentthe use dupilcate content

According to our research and investigation this website have 0% trust score witch is very bad score for website there is no ssl and we can not find any contact information about this website once the scammed you the will block you and you cant even access there website kindly don’t put your money in website like this .

The company did not write anywhere in their website about their company location. Some of this website company doesn’t even request it because there are full  scammers .


  • none


  • website is scam
  • Contact info not found
  • blacklisted
  • no ssl
  • alot of bad reviews
  • fake content
  • website take down
  • fake company

The minimum amount you can deposit on this website is 100$ after you add this amount it means your money is goon and you can’t get a refund .

So if you scam by this or any broker website you can chat on out website or click here to contact mychargebak the will help you to recover you scammed money .

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