Review is it legit or scam

In this post you will find all information about if the site is legit scam the site location whois data or more information about this website so lets get started our today review 

We provide information to avoid more people to being scammed by these company. is another big scam website once you but product from this website the will never send you the product you have ordered alot of users scammed by this website and once the try to get there money back the closed there account and the well never reach who the are the ask you to send money but the will never you anything back the have affiliates  program that are also big scam once you make money on your affiliate only the make money not you.

The have agents  that can speak in any language and the are trying to scam you once you deposit your money the will block you and there number that the use are also fake.



  • No ssl found 
  • Website is to new
  • whois data hide
  • the website is scam
  • contact info not found
  • your data is not secure

How to contact

Its not possible to contact them there all information on their site is fake and you will never find them after you put your money on their website .
If you are scammed by this website contact mychargeback the will help you to recover you scammed money .

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