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Hello and welcome. If you are searching for billob shop review you are in right website so lets review if this website or company is legit or not .

This website sell a lot of products like Winter Gloves ,Sitting Fairy Statue2-in-1 Pressure Power Washer and many more like this our website users order some items from this website and they never receive what they ordered .

You can read reviews on that is one of the top website in market

Billbo shop is a shopping scam!

After our team investigation we have found that this shop is a scam and walk away from this totally scam website .

According to scamadviser this website have 1/100 trust score and a lot of users have bad reviews about this website .

After our review we found that this website hide some information from there users in whois data we have check the fill some fake information for website to be legit the must share their owner information and also their address and some more information

Is it worth it to buy products from Billbo ?

In our opinion no because the never send you product in case of the send you product you will received other item the original or me be fake product as we mention it before .

More information about this website.

Website name

Website contact email :[email protected]

Website address :

If you have any idea or comment about this website kindly write in the comment we love to hear from you before you buy something online from unknown store make sure to check there website review on our website ..


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    • 1 month ago

    Scam. They are trying to have me pay for shipping costs for an item I never received, after they admitted most likely the item has been lost. They say they are out or pocket. O never received the item i paid for. There issue is for their shipper. To me these seems like away to get money via a scam, buy a product that doesn’t exist and when product doesn’t come, beg consumer to let them keep shipping costs because of their lost! SCAM…. they ar all over Facebook! Do NOT buy from them!

    • yes its total scams website

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  • Totally scammer. Do not order from them. Will steal your money. Never get your order.

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